My (Soup) Kitchen Rules

My Group’s Suggestions:

  • Spills happen
  • Everyone brings their own eating utensils (cups, bowls, spoons)
  • There is a tip jar on site for voluntary contributions
  • People should contribute to the Lucky Dip Recipe Box, thereby providing material for following weeks
  • Everyone who is involved in the event should assist with cleaning up
  • Voluntary cooking roster, week-to-week (contact Andy?); multiple soups can cater for allergies and alternative eating regimes
  • Allergies list
  • Recipes available upon request, to combat allergies and such
  • If spill occurs, do not assume the field position
  • Everyone should wear a hat

Class Suggestions:

  • Colourful cups
  • Recipes available, to cater for allergies and dietary requirements
  • One single soup
  • Feedback should be received
  • Should be mindful of waste
  • Soup is for everyone
  • Cannot be too hot or too cold (portable element)
  • Have a voting poll for next week’s recipe?
  • Seasoning avaliable at the event
  • Possible documentation of events (possible Instagram, with hashtag as communication method?)
  • Menu provided?