Experience and memory, as discussed in class, is central to food and dining. Whenever my family has come to Melbourne through the years (before I moved here), we always stayed in the same Carlton apartments, and always went to Tiamo Restaurant (tiamo meaning ’I love you’, in Italian). It’s full of old maps and signs (even an old Spencer St Station sign!), posters and notes, and (strangely) a serviette, covered in mathematical formulas, taped to the wall with blue band aids. This morning, I spoke to the owner about the signs up everywhere, discovering that most had come from his grandfather’s collection, and others were bought from a trader in Melbourne.

The waiters speak with strong accents and often get your order wrong. The kitchen is noisy and one waiter in particular walks around whistling songs I don’t recognise. The food is full of flavour and spice and personality. I adore this place. It’s so memorable and warm and satisfying. I hope to keep coming here with my family, over the years.

If anyone’s interested, here’s the website;


I highly recommend this place.

Kate Kidson-Purry, 29 July 2016, photographs of Tiamo.


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